ZQuiet and Dementia – Is There A Connection

First things first…..ZQuiet does not cure Dementia nor does it cause it.

Please read on…..

I read an article in my local paper recently which discussed a study by a University in California and the link between sleep disorders and Dementia. This Californian University completed a lengthy study involving approximately 300 elderly women who did not suffer from Dementia.

The study concluded a number of facts and in particular how older women with common sleep disorders including snoring may very well be at a higher risk of developing Dementia.

Fighting To Protect Our Elderly

Fighting To Protect Our Elderly

What the researches found was, that elderly women who suffer from breathing problems whilst they are asleep,  were at times up to 50% more likely to suffered from Cognitive Impairment or Dementia. Breathing problems during sleep can drastically reduce oxygen levels in the brain. Some people who have breathing difficulties when sleeping for example, must wear oxygen masks when sleeping, to force air into the lungs.

Whilst the study was limited and only involved older women, the same mechanisms are more than likely to be significant triggers for similar problems in men.

Researchers in the University warned, that conditions such as sever snoring, when sufferers experienced  interruptions to breathing whilst sleeping, are widespread. In fact 60% of older folk are effected and in excess of 80 million people in the United States suffer from snoring.

Snoring certainly is becoming  a huge problem worldwide and is further complicated by the fact we have an increasing presence within the overweight population. The percentage of overweight people in many Western countries is increasing at at alarming rate. Approximately 60% of people in the United States alone are overweight. There is a direct link between people carrying excess weight, snoring.During Snoring

The point of all this is not lost on you I am sure.

If ZQuiet can have an impact on people snoring then it MAY have an impact on Dementia.

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Yes…….. it is a stretch but there can certainly be an argument, that most of these “relationships” in the beginning are a stretch until proven. It is worth mentioning the article I read.

Let me be very clear with what I am saying – There is NO evidence ZQuiet is linked in any way to solving dementia problems. This article is just my thoughts on the issues, based on what I have read and researched.

What I do know is ZQuiet helps clear the air passage and is a proven mouthpiece. If it enables the lungs and brain to receive sufficient oxygen then it may play a role.

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