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Whilst I believe ZQuiet is a great product, works extremely well and is priced to sell truck loads,  many of us would like to see what it looks like before we consider if it is for us or not.

It doesn’t always make sense having to buy it just to achieve this goal so I have made this video to demonstrate the mouthpiece as best I can. What you will be able to achieve by reading this article and watching this video, is a far better understanding of the structure, feel, flexibility and appearance of the mouthpiece when inserted in the mouth.

The video is not a marketing video but a real hands on demo by someone who has actually used the mouthpiece.

I have left the size of this video larger than others on the site so you can see it a little easier.

If you haven’t been to the main page of the ZQuiet Reviews website you can do so by Clicking Here

Video Content

  • Intro
  • Unpacking the mouthpiece.
  • Quick run through the “Instruction For Use and Care.
  • Close up view at the quality of  construction.
  • Focus on the Living Hinge which is a unique design and Trademarked to ZQuiet alone.
  • Mouthpiece test – please don’t email me and tell me I look weird…..I know already thanks.
  • Summary.

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The video should help give the ZQuiet mouthpiece some dimensions and perspective, at least in your mind anyway.

My first impressions of the mouthpiece when I first saw it was that is was nice and small, very soft and easy to handle plus despite the technology of the hinge and offset bottom jaw….a simple design.

It sits easily into the mouth and does feel weird to start with but the more I used it, the more I became use to it. Whilst I thought the video of myself with it in my mouth looked as if it was huge, it didn’t feel that way at all after using it for a little while.

My teeth felt tight and under pressure at the start but that became less and less of a feeling with more use. It really surprised me in a positive way to be honest.

The important thing to realize is that all the feeling I experienced are mentioned in the Instruction Booklet and so none came as a shock to me.

If you have any questions about ZQuiet you can source the FAQ section or the article I have written on the Positives and Negatives or even touch base via my Contact page.

My Conclusion

The main thing I drew from completing this demonstration was the fact that living hinge mouthpiece is critical to its comfort, user acceptance and performance. Once you place it in your mouth you can feel the immediate effect of the forward movement of the lower mandibular [lower jaw].

It is a very simple mouthpiece but clearly a great deal of thought has gone into the design. The key to these types of mouthpieces working is the ability to move the lower jaw forward and open up the air passage.

ZQuiet does this in a very simple but effective and comfortable manner. The living hinged mouthpiece is a real winner. Two optimal sizes (jaw positions) for superior results. ZQuiet’s 2-Step Comfort System provides two unique mouthpieces designed to treat snoring comfortably and effectively.

Once you become use to wearing it, you will never be without it.

By the way……you’re not going to win any beauty contests when you have it inserted……as you can clearly see in my video. You can’t have everything I guess.

My Recommendation

The truth is, when you first try it out it is going to feel weird but my recommendation would be to persevere through as much of the trial period as you can to wear it in, “so to speak”. Try to get as much use from it as you possibly can before making a decision to return it, if you are thinking down that track.

What I did, was to place it in my mouth when I was awake [reading a book or watching TV] for increasing lengths of time until my mouth accepted it better and better each time.

At the end of the day if you do go over the 30 day trial period and can’t return it you haven’t really wasted heaps of money. My incentive was personal and I just had to find something to work for me and for my family. I was their Guinea Pig and I was pleased to be one as well.

I persisted and it paid off.

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