ZQuiet Video Library

I have inserted a collection of ZQuiet videos in the section for you to view. Some are promotional videos which I have taken from the main ZQuiet website, some are my own and I have also included one which explains jaw pain as a result of misalignment of the jaw.

But first some statistics on snoring from the United States.

According to the National Sleep Foundation 2005

  • 66% of partnered adults say their bed partner snores
  • 23% of those couples sleep in separate rooms

The impact snoring on the health and relationships of those effected both directly and indirectly can be devastating. Not only does the person snoring suffer, but the partner and family does as well. No doubt you are well aware of this in any case.

Even surgery does not always help solve the problem and as a result people search for solutions like ZQuiet.

There is more information on the Official ZQuiet web site – CLICK HERE

If you would like to know if ZQuiet is something that may help you with your snoring then I would recommend you take the short test and then complete the short Quiz on the Main Page of this website.

Read what I believe are the significant Positives and Negatives of ZQuiet as well. It will shed some light on some of the strengths of the mouthpiece.


The ZQuiet Video Library


 The Balancing Act – ZQuiet Founders Interviewed on TV



 ZQuiet Interview with Dr Avery Lieberman


TMJ Pain Explained – YouTube

 Long ZQuiet Animated Banner

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