ZQuiet Frequently Asked Questions


I have listed a selection of some of the more sought after FAQ’s for you but there are more on the official ZQuiet web site.

Q.  How long does the ZQuiet take to work?
A.  You can expect ZQuiet to work the first night you use it but it should generally be worn for longer periods during the day just to become use to it before you try sleeping with it.

Q.  How successful are oral mouthpieces like ZQuiet ?
A.  Many sleep clinics that prescribe anti-snoring mouthpieces report a 94% success rate however individual results may vary.

Q.  What does it mean to be designated as a “Class II medical device” by the FDA?
A.  ZQuiet had to prove not only that the material is safe – but also that the product effectively achieves its intended purpose.  A product must undergo very strict consumer safety testing.

Q.  How long does an individual ZQuiet mouthpiece last?
A.  It depends on individual use, however customers feedback suggests it lasts for approximately 15 months.

Q.  Am I able to open and close my mouth while wearing a ZQuiet?
A.  Yes but it is not really designed to do this and work effectively.

Q.  Can I breathe through my mouth while wearing a ZQuiet?
A.  Yes you certainly can! ZQuiet lets you breathe completely naturally, through your mouth and nose.

Q.  What material is ZQuiet made from and is it safe?
A.  ZQuiet is made from a thermoplastic elastomer designed for FDA compliance. The material has passed rigorous consumer safety testing and does not contain latex or BPA (Bisphenol A).

Q.  Is the ZQuiet mouthpiece difficult to fit?
A.  No. ZQuiet has been designed to personally fit the user.

Q.  Can I use ZQuiet with Dentures?
A.  No. Do not use ZQuiet if you have full dentures.

Q.  Will there be any jaw soreness?
A.  The average person requires an adjustment period. It is recommended you wear the mouthpiece for increasing periods of time during the day to become more and more use to it before attempting to sleep with it. During this period you may feel some discomfort, but this should disappear as you become accustomed to it. Moving the jaw forward is what causes the snoring to stop, and this movement requires some initial conditioning of your jaw muscles.

You can access a larger selection of FAQ’s on the Official ZQuiet web site by clicking on this link.

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