ZQuiet Complaints

ZQuiet Complaints or complaints in general is one of the most important subjects I like to research and report on because it is one of the most searched terms. It is VERY relevant to the normal process people go through when looking for information about any product.

Whenever I look into a product that I am reviewing I will always look to see if there are any complaints and there generally are. I am not put off by this, provided I do my own research and draw my own conclusions based on a common sense approach which includes understanding the “Human Nature” element of complaints.

Human nature is just that…..we all like different things and we all have different experiences with them.

It is also important to understand that every product manufactured by man will have perceived issues and ZQuiet is no different.

ZQuiet - 30 Day Trial

ZQuiet – 30 Day Trial


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ZQuiet is not immune to complaints and my research has certainly established a few core issues people are experiencing.

It is very important to keep in mind my “Secret Six” elements whenever you read complaints about products.

  1. We all see things differently and experience things differently.
  2. People will generally express Dissatisfaction more regularly, rather than Satisfaction.
  3. Some products just do not suit some people for a variety of reasons not attributed to the product itself.
  4. Some products are just plain BAD
  5. A complaint to one person can be quite the opposite to someone else.
  6. Some complaints are just plain SILLY.

What Are The ZQuiet Complaints

I am going to list the complaints and then make comment with my “Secret 6” things in mind.

👿 It costs too much at $79.95 – :mrgreen: Purpose built mouthpieces can be $250 plus if you have them made by a Dentist.  Found two complaints.

👿 It only lasts about 12 months and must be replaced – :mrgreen: This is well ahead of some of its competitors and in line with industry standards for Dentist made mouthpieces. Found two complaints.

👿 Jaw and teeth soreness –  :mrgreen: There is an initial wearing in period for some people, however some cannot adjust to it. I would suggest is an individual issue, but is relevant and I found more complaints based on this issue than any other.

👿 Significant saliva buildup and the mouthpiece has to be removed –  :mrgreen: This is an issue for some and can be a problem. My research tells me this is a very common issue with ALL mouthpieces and not just ZQuiet. It is an individual issue but is relevant.

👿 Could not keep the mouthpiece in all night. Found it lying next to me in the morning – :mrgreen: Is a problem with mouthpieces in general and appears to be a relevant individual issue only. Found two complaints.

👿 ZQuiet just doesn’t work – :mrgreen: Not an unrealistic statement and has credibility because even separate studies outside ZQuiet does confirm mouthpieces do not work for everyone. It has to be an individual issue as independent studies confirm that upward of 84% of users say mouthpieces with an adjustable mandibular plate [lower jaw plate] do work. Found two complaints.

Keep Complaints Into Context

These complaints appear to be individualized and not something specifically associated with a flaw in the ZQuiet itself. They are all realist complaints and I think should be considered in the fullest context of this review.

Some things to also keep into context:

  • If you are experiencing a snoring problem and it is impacting your health and/or the relationship you have with your sleeping partner, would you not try just about anything to see if it worked.
  • If you did buy ZQuiet, but it just didn’t work out for any reason and you didn’t seek a refund, would it be worth the risk for $79.95.

These are questions only you can answer for yourself….but I know what I would do.

Read my article on the Positives and Negatives of ZQuiet if you want my perspective on the good and bad things about ZQuiet.

My Conclusion

I think the volume and types of complaints are well within acceptable ranges to be honest even considering it has only been on the market for a short time.

Not everyone is going to be happy with ZQuiet or any given product they buy. I know I have purchased things recommended by my friends before and ended up returning them. I am sure we all have.

As snoring device I think it rates highly.


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