The Positives and Negatives of ZQuiet

One of the most important parts of any product review, is to point out its positives and negatives and I have listed below what I believe to be the those of ZQuiet.

This article is designed to answer some of the nagging questions you may have about ZQuiet and will certainly help you as you go through your  decision making process. If you have any questions about ZQuiet then this review should answer them for you. If it doesn’t, then go to the Contact page and ask away.

In my Home Page I described myself as an avid  “Product Reviewer” and to continue with my theme of being honest at all times, I will tell you quite openly that I generally never complete a review about a product I don’t like.

However there are ALWAYS things about a product which I am not completely sold on and ZQuiet is no different. Despite this fact,  ZQuiet is an excellent mouthpiece and works for the vast majority of people.

If I think it is necessary I will add further comment to justify why I think it is either a Positive or Negative for ZQuiet.

ZQuiet Positives

😀 ZQuiet is designated a class II medical device by the FDA. Very few products of this kind receive this classification from the United States Food and Drug Administration [FDA]. This is a VERY big positive. ZQuiet had to prove not only that the material is safe – but also that the product effectively achieves its intended purpose – Alleviate Snoring

ZQuiet is designated a class II medical device by the FDA

ZQuiet is designated a class II medical device by the FDA

😀 The Testimonials on the main web site are very credible and I am very confident of their validity based on new Federal Trade Commission [FTC] regulations regarding testimonials. If they are not true then the FTC will come down very hard on any web site and can have a huge effect on the longevity of the company. This is another VERY big positive.

😀 The product has been made from very safe materials and is made from a thermoplastic elastomer, designed for FDA compliance. It does not contain any hard acrylics. Some inferior designed mouthpieces  do not use the same materials and are known to become brittle and break.

😀 It is priced at $79.95 [plus $9.95 for the trial period] and at first you may think it is expensive but if you have seen and experienced other mouthpieces you will realize as I have, that ZQuiet is a far better quality mouthpiece and has some enormous features that others do not. A personally designed mouthpiece can cost upwards of $250 plus.

😀 The unique design is a result of the scientific study focused on the cause of snoring. They have clearly identified what causes snoring and built a device to alleviate it.

😀 The two main features of ZQuiet are the “Living Hinge” design AND the “Lower Mandibular” [lower jaw] forward extension. The forward extension allows the individual user to move their lower jaw forwards to ensure a clear air passage is achieved. There are now two optimal sizes (jaw positions) for superior results. One is advanced less than the other.

😀 It has a high success rate, upwards of 90%. How often have you had a pass mark of 90% that you can fall back on.

😀 There is a 30 trial period that costs you $9.95 for the shipping and handling. If you are not entirely happy with ZQuiet within the 30 day trial period you send it back and you are not charged. You simply have to contact them prior to the end of the 30 trial period to avoid any additional billing. If you do nothing, then 35 days after it was sent to you, they bill you for the cost of $79.95. Pretty good deal I think.

😀 When you receive your ZQuiet it is well packaged, with clearly written and easy to understand instructions.

😀 ZQuiet can last you many months but it does depend on each user. Some people grind their teeth at night and will wear it out a little quicker. Others mouthpieces are known to last only 6-7 months.

😀 You can now buy ZQuiet via the internet, in a variety of countries around the world including USA, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Greece, Germany, Holland, New Zealand, Portugal, Scandinavia, Switzerland. In addition there are a few physical locations outside the USA where you can purchase it as well. See details on the main review page under the sub heading \“Where To Buy ZQuiet\”


Opening Airways

How ZQuiet Opens Airways

ZQuiet Negatives

🙁 There can be some degree of minor discomfort after you have used it during the first week. The lower jaw may ache a bit due to the fact it is drawn forward into a different position.  It does disperse as your mouth adjusts to it. I understand this is not unusual for even the Dentist designed mouthpieces. It’s part of the process but you soon become use to it. It is recommended you wear it in over a few days.

🙁 Unfortunately ZQuiet cannot be used by people who wear dentures. This problem is across the board for these types of mouthpiece snoring solutions, so it’s not a negative just for ZQuiet.

🙁 It does not have any ability to mold the mouthpiece to fit the individual user. When I first realized this I was disappointed but when I tried it in my mouth it still felt okay. The material they use to make the mouthpiece is soft enough to fit comfortably so it wasn’t really an issue.

ZQuiet - 30 Day Trial

ZQuiet – 30 Day Trial

You can access the official ZQuiet web site using this link.

My Conclusion

The positives certainly outweigh the negatives by far and even when looking at the list of my negatives I found there was always an alternative or explanation that would soften the objection.

There are always people who have issues or personal complaints about every product that has ever been manufactured and ZQuiet is no different.

I do address these complaints in my article titled ZQuiet Complaints and I would suggest you take a look.

From my perspective the balance of Good verses Evil is well tilted towards Good Thumbs Upso I have to give it a big thumbs up.


Please Note: I have commenced a new website where I discuss a multitude of snoring remedies including ZQuiet and a new one called SnoreRx. Click the links to visit. 

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