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This page is set up to clarify to all our visitors that the owner of this website holds no responsibility for the effect of ZQuiet on snoring. It is solely your responsibility to research the product and contact the company who develop ZQuiet regarding their claims about the product, efficacy included.

We do not claim that ZQuiet is a guaranteed solution for curing snoring and will not be held responsible if you choose to buy the product and do not see results you hoped for. Also with that said please note that the owner of this website is an affiliate for As Seen On PC, the suppliers of ZQuiet, and if you choose to buy ZQuiet after clicking one of the many affiliate links on this website, then the owner will get paid a commission for that sale. Please note images on this website are also affiliate links.

At the end of the day we personally believe ZQuiet is a good product, but that is just out personal opinion and is not based on any scientific research.

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