What If ZQuiet Doesn’t Work For Me


If you are one of those people who just don’t have the satisfaction from ZQuiet that you are wanting then you can always return it provided you do so in the allocated “Trial” period.

The company does offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  This information is directly from the company website.

In the terms of your order you are able to try ZQuiet for 30 days.

The 30 day trial begins once you receive your ZQuiet and costs $9.95 for shipping and processing which are non-refundable.

Your shipment will include a ZQuiet, travel case and instructions for how to use ZQuiet to help end your snoring. After 35 days from the shipment date, the credit card used for your order will be charged a one-time fee of $79.95.  VT & ME residents add sales tax.

If you are not comfortable with your purchase for any reason call a ZQuiet counselor before the end of the trial period at 800-281-0543 between the hours of 7:00am and 4:00pm PST for a return authorization (RMA) number. As long as the RMA number is requested before day 30 of the trial and your returned ZQuiet is received by day 45, your credit card will not be charged the additional $79.95.

If you don’t have an RMA number you will not be eligible for a refund.

You are responsible for return shipping costs.

All this information is available from the footer [bottom] section  of the Official Company Website.


Visit the Official ZQuiet Website Via This Link

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Sleep Apnea Sleeping Disorders Linked To Cancer


A some what surprising revelation has recently been announced and will have huge implications on people suffering from Sleep Apnea and extreme Snoring Disorders.

Sleeping disorders like Sleep Apnea have been directly linked to Cancer.

A long term study has been release by the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health on the 20th May 2012. The study shows that people suffering from sleep apnea appear have an increased risk of cancer mortality.

Well known studies in the past have linked the Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) problems to cardiovascular disease, hypertension, depression and even earlier death, however this is the very first study to find a link to cancer.

These extensive findings have been based on data collected from sleep studies carried out on 1,522 people over 22 years. In the past lab tests on mice showed that oxygen starvation, caused by snoring promoted cancerous tumor growth.

Dr F Javier Nieto

Dr F Javier Nieto

The studies lead author Dr F. Javier Nieto, Chairman of the Department of Population Health Sciences located at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health said:

“The consistency of the evidence from the animal experiments and this new evidence in humans is highly compelling.”

“Ours is the first study to show an association between Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) and an elevated risk of cancer mortality in a population-based sample,” said Nieto, reports the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

“If the relationship between SDB and cancer mortality is validated in further studies, the diagnosis and treatment of  SDB in patients with cancer might be indicated to prolong survival,” added Nieto, according to the Daily Mail.

These new discoveries were presented on the 20th May during the American Thoracic Society international conference conducted in San Francisco.

It was further revealed that mild snorers have a negligible risk of dying from cancer but in moderate snorers the risks double and then escalates dramatically to almost five times for those people who are severe snorers. People who suffer from sleep apnea are within this range.

We already know from extensive research that people with sleep apnea have an increased risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes. This new study now finds them up to five times more likely to die from cancer than those without. The same study also found that people who were not obese were more susceptible.

“This is just another bit of evidence that says not breathing is bad for your health,” said Dr. Eric Hernandez, who explained that the negative health effects are caused by oxygen levels in the blood.

When people who suffer from sleep apnea stop breathing multiple times during the night, including for seconds or minutes at a time, blood vessels begin to grow into the tissues that suffer from a lack of oxygen to help battle the disease.

“If someones oxygen drops, it means additional blood vessels grow and if blood vessels grow into tumors, tumors grow faster,” explained Dr Eric Hernandez.

Dr Ramon Farre

Dr Ramon Farre

Dr. Nieto’s team located at the University of Wisconsin-Madison completed the research in collaboration with Dr. Ramon Farré, professor of physiology at University of Barcelona, Spain.

Dr. Farre’s team also demonstrated that intermittent hypoxia on cancer growth is significantly stronger in lean mice than in obese mice.

About 28 million Americans have some form of sleep apnea, and it is well known many cases go undiagnosed.

If you would like to read more from the main article  Click Here .

Will ZQuiet Cure Sleep Apnea

ZQuiet does not suggest in any way that their mouthpiece can be used to cure Sleep Apnea. ZQuiet can assist people suffering from “Simple Snoring” problems.

The study mentioned above does however, link people who snore severely, with cancer. You could certainly draw an assumption that if you are a heavy snorer then their is some concern.

My Conclusions/Recommendations

The main things I picked up on from the article was:

1. Mild snorers have a negligible risk of dying from cancer, but doubles in moderate cases and increases significantly up to nearly five times in case of severe snoring.

2. You don’t have to be obese to be in the high risk cancer link category. In fact lighter people who suffer from sleep apnea or severe snoring are more prone to the cancer link.

I am not a huge person nor am I a heavy snorer but I chose to use ZQuiet to control those horrible noises. Even if if you don’t think ZQuiet is for you, I would strongly suggest you find something to combat your snoring problem.

CLICK HERE To Access The Official ZQuiet Website


If you haven’t seen my ZQuiet Mouthpiece Demonstration then I suggest you take a look. I have made a video of my mouthpiece so you are able to see what it really looks like.


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The Positives and Negatives of ZQuiet

One of the most important parts of any product review, is to point out its positives and negatives and I have listed below what I believe to be the those of ZQuiet.

This article is designed to answer some of the nagging questions you may have about ZQuiet and will certainly help you as you go through your  decision making process. If you have any questions about ZQuiet then this review should answer them for you. If it doesn’t, then go to the Contact page and ask away.

In my Home Page I described myself as an avid  “Product Reviewer” and to continue with my theme of being honest at all times, I will tell you quite openly that I generally never complete a review about a product I don’t like.

However there are ALWAYS things about a product which I am not completely sold on and ZQuiet is no different. Despite this fact,  ZQuiet is an excellent mouthpiece and works for the vast majority of people.

If I think it is necessary I will add further comment to justify why I think it is either a Positive or Negative for ZQuiet.

ZQuiet Positives

😀 ZQuiet is designated a class II medical device by the FDA. Very few products of this kind receive this classification from the United States Food and Drug Administration [FDA]. This is a VERY big positive. ZQuiet had to prove not only that the material is safe – but also that the product effectively achieves its intended purpose – Alleviate Snoring

ZQuiet is designated a class II medical device by the FDA

ZQuiet is designated a class II medical device by the FDA

😀 The Testimonials on the main web site are very credible and I am very confident of their validity based on new Federal Trade Commission [FTC] regulations regarding testimonials. If they are not true then the FTC will come down very hard on any web site and can have a huge effect on the longevity of the company. This is another VERY big positive.

😀 The product has been made from very safe materials and is made from a thermoplastic elastomer, designed for FDA compliance. It does not contain any hard acrylics. Some inferior designed mouthpieces  do not use the same materials and are known to become brittle and break.

😀 It is priced at $79.95 [plus $9.95 for the trial period] and at first you may think it is expensive but if you have seen and experienced other mouthpieces you will realize as I have, that ZQuiet is a far better quality mouthpiece and has some enormous features that others do not. A personally designed mouthpiece can cost upwards of $250 plus.

😀 The unique design is a result of the scientific study focused on the cause of snoring. They have clearly identified what causes snoring and built a device to alleviate it.

😀 The two main features of ZQuiet are the “Living Hinge” design AND the “Lower Mandibular” [lower jaw] forward extension. The forward extension allows the individual user to move their lower jaw forwards to ensure a clear air passage is achieved. There are now two optimal sizes (jaw positions) for superior results. One is advanced less than the other.

😀 It has a high success rate, upwards of 90%. How often have you had a pass mark of 90% that you can fall back on.

😀 There is a 30 trial period that costs you $9.95 for the shipping and handling. If you are not entirely happy with ZQuiet within the 30 day trial period you send it back and you are not charged. You simply have to contact them prior to the end of the 30 trial period to avoid any additional billing. If you do nothing, then 35 days after it was sent to you, they bill you for the cost of $79.95. Pretty good deal I think.

😀 When you receive your ZQuiet it is well packaged, with clearly written and easy to understand instructions.

😀 ZQuiet can last you many months but it does depend on each user. Some people grind their teeth at night and will wear it out a little quicker. Others mouthpieces are known to last only 6-7 months.

😀 You can now buy ZQuiet via the internet, in a variety of countries around the world including USA, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Greece, Germany, Holland, New Zealand, Portugal, Scandinavia, Switzerland. In addition there are a few physical locations outside the USA where you can purchase it as well. See details on the main review page under the sub heading \“Where To Buy ZQuiet\”


Opening Airways

How ZQuiet Opens Airways

ZQuiet Negatives

🙁 There can be some degree of minor discomfort after you have used it during the first week. The lower jaw may ache a bit due to the fact it is drawn forward into a different position.  It does disperse as your mouth adjusts to it. I understand this is not unusual for even the Dentist designed mouthpieces. It’s part of the process but you soon become use to it. It is recommended you wear it in over a few days.

🙁 Unfortunately ZQuiet cannot be used by people who wear dentures. This problem is across the board for these types of mouthpiece snoring solutions, so it’s not a negative just for ZQuiet.

🙁 It does not have any ability to mold the mouthpiece to fit the individual user. When I first realized this I was disappointed but when I tried it in my mouth it still felt okay. The material they use to make the mouthpiece is soft enough to fit comfortably so it wasn’t really an issue.

ZQuiet - 30 Day Trial

ZQuiet – 30 Day Trial

You can access the official ZQuiet web site using this link.

My Conclusion

The positives certainly outweigh the negatives by far and even when looking at the list of my negatives I found there was always an alternative or explanation that would soften the objection.

There are always people who have issues or personal complaints about every product that has ever been manufactured and ZQuiet is no different.

I do address these complaints in my article titled ZQuiet Complaints and I would suggest you take a look.

From my perspective the balance of Good verses Evil is well tilted towards Good Thumbs Upso I have to give it a big thumbs up.


Please Note: I have commenced a new website where I discuss a multitude of snoring remedies including ZQuiet and a new one called SnoreRx. Click the links to visit. 

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ZQuiet Mouthpiece Demonstration


Whilst I believe ZQuiet is a great product, works extremely well and is priced to sell truck loads,  many of us would like to see what it looks like before we consider if it is for us or not.

It doesn’t always make sense having to buy it just to achieve this goal so I have made this video to demonstrate the mouthpiece as best I can. What you will be able to achieve by reading this article and watching this video, is a far better understanding of the structure, feel, flexibility and appearance of the mouthpiece when inserted in the mouth.

The video is not a marketing video but a real hands on demo by someone who has actually used the mouthpiece.

I have left the size of this video larger than others on the site so you can see it a little easier.

If you haven’t been to the main page of the ZQuiet Reviews website you can do so by Clicking Here

Video Content

  • Intro
  • Unpacking the mouthpiece.
  • Quick run through the “Instruction For Use and Care.
  • Close up view at the quality of  construction.
  • Focus on the Living Hinge which is a unique design and Trademarked to ZQuiet alone.
  • Mouthpiece test – please don’t email me and tell me I look weird…..I know already thanks.
  • Summary.

Click HERE to visit the Official ZQuiet website

The video should help give the ZQuiet mouthpiece some dimensions and perspective, at least in your mind anyway.

My first impressions of the mouthpiece when I first saw it was that is was nice and small, very soft and easy to handle plus despite the technology of the hinge and offset bottom jaw….a simple design.

It sits easily into the mouth and does feel weird to start with but the more I used it, the more I became use to it. Whilst I thought the video of myself with it in my mouth looked as if it was huge, it didn’t feel that way at all after using it for a little while.

My teeth felt tight and under pressure at the start but that became less and less of a feeling with more use. It really surprised me in a positive way to be honest.

The important thing to realize is that all the feeling I experienced are mentioned in the Instruction Booklet and so none came as a shock to me.

If you have any questions about ZQuiet you can source the FAQ section or the article I have written on the Positives and Negatives or even touch base via my Contact page.

My Conclusion

The main thing I drew from completing this demonstration was the fact that living hinge mouthpiece is critical to its comfort, user acceptance and performance. Once you place it in your mouth you can feel the immediate effect of the forward movement of the lower mandibular [lower jaw].

It is a very simple mouthpiece but clearly a great deal of thought has gone into the design. The key to these types of mouthpieces working is the ability to move the lower jaw forward and open up the air passage.

ZQuiet does this in a very simple but effective and comfortable manner. The living hinged mouthpiece is a real winner. Two optimal sizes (jaw positions) for superior results. ZQuiet’s 2-Step Comfort System provides two unique mouthpieces designed to treat snoring comfortably and effectively.

Once you become use to wearing it, you will never be without it.

By the way……you’re not going to win any beauty contests when you have it inserted……as you can clearly see in my video. You can’t have everything I guess.

My Recommendation

The truth is, when you first try it out it is going to feel weird but my recommendation would be to persevere through as much of the trial period as you can to wear it in, “so to speak”. Try to get as much use from it as you possibly can before making a decision to return it, if you are thinking down that track.

What I did, was to place it in my mouth when I was awake [reading a book or watching TV] for increasing lengths of time until my mouth accepted it better and better each time.

At the end of the day if you do go over the 30 day trial period and can’t return it you haven’t really wasted heaps of money. My incentive was personal and I just had to find something to work for me and for my family. I was their Guinea Pig and I was pleased to be one as well.

I persisted and it paid off.

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ZQuiet and Dementia – Is There A Connection

First things first…..ZQuiet does not cure Dementia nor does it cause it.

Please read on…..

I read an article in my local paper recently which discussed a study by a University in California and the link between sleep disorders and Dementia. This Californian University completed a lengthy study involving approximately 300 elderly women who did not suffer from Dementia.

The study concluded a number of facts and in particular how older women with common sleep disorders including snoring may very well be at a higher risk of developing Dementia.

Fighting To Protect Our Elderly

Fighting To Protect Our Elderly

What the researches found was, that elderly women who suffer from breathing problems whilst they are asleep,  were at times up to 50% more likely to suffered from Cognitive Impairment or Dementia. Breathing problems during sleep can drastically reduce oxygen levels in the brain. Some people who have breathing difficulties when sleeping for example, must wear oxygen masks when sleeping, to force air into the lungs.

Whilst the study was limited and only involved older women, the same mechanisms are more than likely to be significant triggers for similar problems in men.

Researchers in the University warned, that conditions such as sever snoring, when sufferers experienced  interruptions to breathing whilst sleeping, are widespread. In fact 60% of older folk are effected and in excess of 80 million people in the United States suffer from snoring.

Snoring certainly is becoming  a huge problem worldwide and is further complicated by the fact we have an increasing presence within the overweight population. The percentage of overweight people in many Western countries is increasing at at alarming rate. Approximately 60% of people in the United States alone are overweight. There is a direct link between people carrying excess weight, snoring.During Snoring

The point of all this is not lost on you I am sure.

If ZQuiet can have an impact on people snoring then it MAY have an impact on Dementia.

The ZQuiet Official Website Can Be Accessed HERE

Yes…….. it is a stretch but there can certainly be an argument, that most of these “relationships” in the beginning are a stretch until proven. It is worth mentioning the article I read.

Let me be very clear with what I am saying – There is NO evidence ZQuiet is linked in any way to solving dementia problems. This article is just my thoughts on the issues, based on what I have read and researched.

What I do know is ZQuiet helps clear the air passage and is a proven mouthpiece. If it enables the lungs and brain to receive sufficient oxygen then it may play a role.

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ZQuiet Video Library

I have inserted a collection of ZQuiet videos in the section for you to view. Some are promotional videos which I have taken from the main ZQuiet website, some are my own and I have also included one which explains jaw pain as a result of misalignment of the jaw.

But first some statistics on snoring from the United States.

According to the National Sleep Foundation 2005

  • 66% of partnered adults say their bed partner snores
  • 23% of those couples sleep in separate rooms

The impact snoring on the health and relationships of those effected both directly and indirectly can be devastating. Not only does the person snoring suffer, but the partner and family does as well. No doubt you are well aware of this in any case.

Even surgery does not always help solve the problem and as a result people search for solutions like ZQuiet.

There is more information on the Official ZQuiet web site – CLICK HERE

If you would like to know if ZQuiet is something that may help you with your snoring then I would recommend you take the short test and then complete the short Quiz on the Main Page of this website.

Read what I believe are the significant Positives and Negatives of ZQuiet as well. It will shed some light on some of the strengths of the mouthpiece.


The ZQuiet Video Library


 The Balancing Act – ZQuiet Founders Interviewed on TV



 ZQuiet Interview with Dr Avery Lieberman


TMJ Pain Explained – YouTube

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Does ZQuiet Work

The most important thing people will ask when they are considering ZQuiet is the exact title of this article.

Does ZQuiet work to aleviate Snoring?

Well the answer to this question is…… Yes it does and this is why I can say it does.  Let me give you some reasons why I believe this is the case:

😛 It worked for me. I don’t have a huge snoring problem but members of my family, who will remain anonymous, do. I was the Guinea Pig, and I was happy to be so. I found I had to persist with the feel of the mouthpiece because it is very strange when you place it in your mouth to start with. I think you would be lucky if it didn’t.

I drooled a bit during the night at first, but then it all seemed to work itself out. I also wore it in by inserting it when I was awake and either reading or watching TV. Just for a short period to start with but longer periods as time went by.

😛 The official ZQuiet web site tells us that OVER 90% of people who use mandibular [lower jaw] adjusted mouthpieces obtain relief. You have to like those odds if you were a betting person.

😛 ZQuiet is designated a class II medical device by the FDA. ZQuiet had to prove not only that the material is safe – but also that the product effectively achieves its intended purpose.

😛 The testimonials on the official web site are an important confirmation. The Federal Trade Commission reacts badly to unsubstantiated testimonials on web sites and if they are found to be false they have the power to ruin your business. Do not underestimate the power of testimonials on the ZQuiet web site.

😛 Two optimal sizes (jaw positions) for superior results. ZQuiet’s 2-Step Comfort System provides two unique mouthpieces designed to treat snoring comfortably and effectively.

ZQuiet has 2 comfort settings

😛 ZQuiet is a relatively new product however it is selling all over the world, mostly via the internet. Each month [at the time this article was written] there are 27,000 searches for the word ZQuiet on the internet. It appears people are talking up the positive results.

😛 In the process of building this ZQuiet Reviews web site I carried out extensive research online and in the vast majority of cases ZQuiet was given overwhelming support.

😛 WHY IT WORKS – ZQuiet have identified the cause of simple snoring and have custom built a product around preventing rather than trying to treat the symptoms. Most people snore because of the air passage blocks up during sleep. The solution to unblocking the air passage is to move the lower jaw forward when asleep. The ZQuiet mouthpiece has been designed around doing just that. THIS IS WHY IT WORKS


Will ZQuiet Work For You – Take A Simple Test NOW

I have written a short article on the main page of this review titled Will ZQuiet Work For You.

It contains simple instructions on how you can test yourself right now, to see if you are a candidate for this type of stop snoring mouthpiece. Go there now and take the test. You will be surprised how easy you can tell.

Test Yourself and Do A Short Quiz – Click Here Now


My Conclusion

ZQuiet works and importantly it works quickly. There is a settling in period as you become use to the mouthpiece, however once you have worked your way through this, the success rate climbs. Don’t just stick it your mouth and spit it out because it feels funny. Give yourself some time to be accustomed to it. I had to.

It is my belief that many anti-snoring products on the market whether they are online or not, never achieve results they promise.

Solutions such as sprays, pillows, blankets, breathing strips and even chinstraps invariably do not work consistently for one very simple reason.

They simply do not address the cause of snoring, and that is, snoring starts in the back of the throat.

The key to the ultimate success of ZQuiet is that it is uniquely designed to gently advances the lower jaw forward to create a widened airspace in the back of the throat. This of course is the key to preventing the loud snoring noise caused by the vibration of the surrounding soft tissue.

This diagram clearly illustrates the cause of snoring.

The Cause Of Snoring

The Cause Of Snoring

Visit The Official ZQuiet Website – Click This Link

I have also placed one of ZQuiet marketing videos on the Main Page page and would suggest you watch this as well to gain a full understanding of what causes snoring.


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ZQuiet Complaints

ZQuiet Complaints or complaints in general is one of the most important subjects I like to research and report on because it is one of the most searched terms. It is VERY relevant to the normal process people go through when looking for information about any product.

Whenever I look into a product that I am reviewing I will always look to see if there are any complaints and there generally are. I am not put off by this, provided I do my own research and draw my own conclusions based on a common sense approach which includes understanding the “Human Nature” element of complaints.

Human nature is just that…..we all like different things and we all have different experiences with them.

It is also important to understand that every product manufactured by man will have perceived issues and ZQuiet is no different.

ZQuiet - 30 Day Trial

ZQuiet – 30 Day Trial


CLICK HERE to access to the OFFICIAL ZQuiet website

ZQuiet is not immune to complaints and my research has certainly established a few core issues people are experiencing.

It is very important to keep in mind my “Secret Six” elements whenever you read complaints about products.

  1. We all see things differently and experience things differently.
  2. People will generally express Dissatisfaction more regularly, rather than Satisfaction.
  3. Some products just do not suit some people for a variety of reasons not attributed to the product itself.
  4. Some products are just plain BAD
  5. A complaint to one person can be quite the opposite to someone else.
  6. Some complaints are just plain SILLY.

What Are The ZQuiet Complaints

I am going to list the complaints and then make comment with my “Secret 6” things in mind.

👿 It costs too much at $79.95 – :mrgreen: Purpose built mouthpieces can be $250 plus if you have them made by a Dentist.  Found two complaints.

👿 It only lasts about 12 months and must be replaced – :mrgreen: This is well ahead of some of its competitors and in line with industry standards for Dentist made mouthpieces. Found two complaints.

👿 Jaw and teeth soreness –  :mrgreen: There is an initial wearing in period for some people, however some cannot adjust to it. I would suggest is an individual issue, but is relevant and I found more complaints based on this issue than any other.

👿 Significant saliva buildup and the mouthpiece has to be removed –  :mrgreen: This is an issue for some and can be a problem. My research tells me this is a very common issue with ALL mouthpieces and not just ZQuiet. It is an individual issue but is relevant.

👿 Could not keep the mouthpiece in all night. Found it lying next to me in the morning – :mrgreen: Is a problem with mouthpieces in general and appears to be a relevant individual issue only. Found two complaints.

👿 ZQuiet just doesn’t work – :mrgreen: Not an unrealistic statement and has credibility because even separate studies outside ZQuiet does confirm mouthpieces do not work for everyone. It has to be an individual issue as independent studies confirm that upward of 84% of users say mouthpieces with an adjustable mandibular plate [lower jaw plate] do work. Found two complaints.

Keep Complaints Into Context

These complaints appear to be individualized and not something specifically associated with a flaw in the ZQuiet itself. They are all realist complaints and I think should be considered in the fullest context of this review.

Some things to also keep into context:

  • If you are experiencing a snoring problem and it is impacting your health and/or the relationship you have with your sleeping partner, would you not try just about anything to see if it worked.
  • If you did buy ZQuiet, but it just didn’t work out for any reason and you didn’t seek a refund, would it be worth the risk for $79.95.

These are questions only you can answer for yourself….but I know what I would do.

Read my article on the Positives and Negatives of ZQuiet if you want my perspective on the good and bad things about ZQuiet.

My Conclusion

I think the volume and types of complaints are well within acceptable ranges to be honest even considering it has only been on the market for a short time.

Not everyone is going to be happy with ZQuiet or any given product they buy. I know I have purchased things recommended by my friends before and ended up returning them. I am sure we all have.

As snoring device I think it rates highly.


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ZQuiet Testimonials


The one BIG thing I did like about the ZQuiet web site was the very good testimonials.

Let me clarify what I mean by this.

The Federal Trade Commission [FTC] in the USA is clamping down on many of the web sites on the internet that have unconfirmed testimonials. It is unlawful to place unconfirmed testimonials on a site and this type of misconduct can lead to legal action and closure of sites.

For ZQuiet to have a large number of named testimonials on their site means they must be confirm and true. Don’t underestimate this fact. It is very important to the credibility of the product.

CLICK HERE to visit the Official ZQuiet Website and read all the Testimonials

Here is a snippet from the web site.

ZQuiet Testimonials ZQuiet Testimonials

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