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Hi there – Welcome to my ZQuiet Reviews website.

I am an avid reviewer of products and services online. I pride myself in providing visitors and readers with completely unbiased and honest reviews.

The purpose of this comprehensive reviews web site is not to try and convince you to buy the device, but merely to offer you what I believe is a great opportunity to control the snoring problems you or someone you know has.

Let me say from the outset that my snoring problem is not a major issue but I do snore, and I have controlled it by successfully using this mouthpiece.

My personal experience confirms that the mouthpiece does work to alleviate snoring.

I have completed some very extensive research including my personal experience, and I want to be able to provide you with as much information as I can for you to be able to make your own decisions to either try this product or not. It is not just a “single page” review of the stop snoring device…..LOOK AROUND.

It is important for me to clarify something immediately. I do not advocate ZQuiet as a treatment for sleep apnea [OSA] or as an alternative CPAP. It is primarily used to help people combat what is called in the industry, “Simple Snoring” problems.

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  • How Does The Food and Drug Administration Influence Its Success Or Failure
  • The Impact Of The Federal Trade Commission
  • The Real Cost – Try it for $9.95
  • Where Do You Buy ZQuiet

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Is ZQuiet Popular

As of the time I updated this article, the word ZQuiet was attracting 27,100 searches on Google each month.  What this means is there are 27,100 people typing the word ZQuiet into Google each and every month right across the globe.

Check it out yourself.

Go to the Google Keyword Tool by clicking HERE and fill out the captcha form, then type in the word ZQuiet in the Find Keywords box and select All Countries in Locations and Languages.

I can tell you, this mouthpieces name search, far exceeds any other stop snoring mouthpiece. Try doing the same search for other snoring mouthpieces just to see what I mean.

If I have successfully confused you then you should be able to make out the details on this screenshot


Google Worldwide Searches

Google Worldwide Searches


Why Is ZQuiet Popular

ZQuiet is preferred to many mouthpiece I have reviewed for these main reasons.

1.    It is a special designed “Living Hinged” mouthpiece that can be used to suit the individual as well as the masses. It is easy to fit any user plus it is soft and very comfortable. It sits in the mouth gently but firmly when you sleep. The unique “Hinged” design is unlike any mouthpiece on the market and is one of its main strengths.

2.   The uniquely designed mouthpieces ensures there is a modest forward movement of the mandibular [the lower jaw] which is the essential ingredient to successfully controlling snoring. The offset lower plate of the mouthpiece is essential to the workings of the device as it is this configuration that solves the noise problem.

3.   The company has a great 30 day trial available for a mere $9.95. If you are not satisfied with it within the 30 day trial period then you have the ability to return it without incurring any additional mouthpiece cost.

4.  This mouthpiece does not cause Temporomandibular Joint Disorder [TMJ] pain after use.

5.  The research I have completed, strongly suggests it has a longer lifetime than many of its competitors.

6.  If someone said to you that your problem could be solved with an outlay of $79.95 you would not think twice…and neither did I. It is great value for money.

You Can Visit The Official ZQuiet Website Here

You will be able to see what I mean about the design of the device by watching the demonstration video I have made.

You can access it by clicking ZQuiet Reviews Demonstration.

It is a rather long video but it will give you a great understanding of what it really looks like.

ZQuiet Living Hinge


What The Mouthpiece Looks Like

Perhaps you will relate to what it looks like with some personal photos of mine – straight out of the packet.

You can see by looking at the right hand photo, how the bottom jaw is positioned forward when the mouthpiece is inserted.

This opens the air passage at the back of the throat and allows air to flow freely, preventing the soft tissue vibration which we know as snoring.

I Travel Case

Top ViewSide View


What Is ZQuiet And How Does It Work


ZQuiet is a prefabricated mouthpiece which has been manufactured and used to treat snoring.

The mouthpiece is made from a thermoplastic elastomer designed for FDA compliance. The material has passed rigorous consumer safety testing and does not contain latex or BPA (Bisphenol A). There are NO hard and uncomfortable acrylics used in its construction. It is very Safe.

The actual snoring noise is caused by tissue vibration in the back of the throat. The best way to stop this vibration is to naturally widen the airspace so the tissues are less impinged and therefore eliminate snoring.

It duplicates the exact same method used by dentists for over 25 years to address their patients’ snoring issues.

The company markets its product by saying it is engineered to work from the time you take it from the case  saving the consumer the costly exercise of visiting a Dentist.

Take a look at the Positives and Negative of ZQuiet for more perspectives once you have finished this main page.


Will ZQuiet Work For You

This small graphic shows exactly how the tissues in your throat vibrate.

The Cause Of Snoring

The Cause Of Snoring

The best way to confirm your understanding of it for yourself is to follow this procedure.

Firstly close your mouth and let your normal bite come together. Now try and snore through the back of your throat and nasal passage. You will need to breath in and try to make the vibrations. It’s not too difficult to do with a bit of practice.

Now try it again but before you do, push your jaw forward, keeping your mouth closed. Now try to make the same vibration [snoring] noise at the back of your throat and nasal passage. You should find that you are unable to do it, or it has significantly reduced in volume.

These are the basics of snoring and this easy to follow example is a simple way to be able to demonstrate the mouthpieces principles and how its design makes it  work.


Why Not Try This Simple Quiz To See If It Will Work For You

The quiz below will compliment the simple snoring test you did above and it will give you a score out of 100. You can share your results with your friends if you like.

I have placed some Twitter and FaceBook share buttons at the completion of the quiz. Why not have a go and see what your score is. There are only 5 questions and it will only take you a minute.

Will ZQuiet Work For You?


How often do you snore?


Do you have a medically diagnosed cause for your snoring?


Did you make the snoring noise when you took the above test?


Did you stop making the snoring noise by moving your bottom jaw forward?


Have you tried a stop snoring mouthpiece before?


If you are enjoying the content of my website please feel free to hit the Tweet, Like, Google Plus tabs on the left side of the screen. Perhaps even share with some of your friends. Thanks.


The United States FDA – What Does This Mean For ZQuiet

ZQuiet is designated a “Class II medical device” by the FDA. ZQuiet had to prove not only that the material is safe – but also that the product effectively achieves its intended purpose.

The US Food and Drug Administration is a health watchdog which is instrumental in protecting US citizens from scams and products that do not fulfill their claims.

ZQuiet Has Full FDA ClearanceYou can certainly rest assured that it is safe and effective in treating snoring.

Many of you may already have tried solutions such as breathing strips, pillows, chinstraps, and even sprays to try to make your snoring stop and many of these do not have not a “Class II medical device” classification from the FDA.


Testimonials And The Federal Trade Commission

Another thing which is very relevant when assessing the credibility of this stop snoring mouthpiece is the huge array of named and pictured Testimonials they have on the official ZQuiet web site. There are even some video testimonials.

Let me explain what I mean by this. The FTC comes down very heavily on companies trading on the internet these days, who place unsubstantiated Testimonials on their sites.Federal Trade Commission

In years gone by just about every web site had a good selection of testimonials on their web sites. Unfortunately many of these testimonials were misleading to say the least. The Federal Trade Commission have recognized this fact and have placed huge penalties on companies who breach these trade restrictions.

I have dedicated an article to ZQuiet Testimonial which I suggest you take a look at.

ZQuiet Cost – You Can Try It For $9.95


In the vast majority of cases, companies selling products on the internet will have an attractive “Hook” and this company is no different.

Interestingly, they have approached this in a somewhat different way and it is proving to be very popular. What they are offering, is for people to trial the mouthpiece for a period of 30 days for the cost of postage and handling which is $9.95.

The 30 day trial begins once you receive your device. Your shipment will include a travel case and instructions for how to use it to help tackle your snoring problem.

After 35 days from the shipment date, the credit card used for the order will be charged a one-time fee of $79.95.

But if you are not completely satisfied, just call a ZQuiet counselor before the end of the trial period at 800-281-0543 between the hours of 7:00am and 4:00pm PST for a return authorization (RMA) number. As long as the RMA number is requested before day 30 of the trial and your returned mouthpiece is received by day 45, you will not be charged the additional $79.95.

Pretty straight forward and a great low cost option to try it.


Where Do You Buy ZQuiet

This snoring prevention device is mainly purchased online.

ZQuiet can be purchased in the USA via the official ZQuiet website PLUS  it can also be purchased online in select countries around the globe, including:

New Zealand

Visit the Official Website by using the link below and click on the link at the very top of the main page titled  “Looking To Purchase outside the US?”

It will open a small “Pop Up” which details the online order pages for the respective countries. Very Easy.

In addition – you can purchase in the following physical locations:

Juan de Ascaray 355 y Amazonas
Phone: 1-800-444-222 Fax: (593) 02 2448857
Quito — Ecuador

ul. Puńawska 324
02-819 Warszawa, Poland
office: +48 (22) 340 44 09

The Direct Marketing Company S.p.A.
Strada dei Censiti 5/a
47891 Rovereta di Falciano
Repubblica di San Marino
Tel. 0549.908908

All links on this website will direct you to the Official ZQuiet website and you would be wise to purchase ONLY from the official website to ensure you purchase the genuine product.


Visit the Official ZQuiet Website by clicking this link


My Conclusion / Recommendation

I am very comfortable with the research I have undertaken and have come to the conclusion that this particular mouthpiece has many positives going for it.

It is a relatively new product but it is proven to alleviate snoring, as is testament by the customer feedback, plus it is endorsed by the FDA as a class II medical device.

The product is well priced at $79.95 and has a great trial plan. Sure it is only a 30 day trial but it is still valid and the company does say it will work immediately so the I don’t see a problem with the term of the guarantee.

Please take your time to look around My ZQuiet Reviews website. I will continue to update it.


I have commenced a new website called Help To Stop Snoring which reviews a variety of ways to combat snoring including ZQuiet. Click on either link and it will take you there.

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